If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
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IMPULSE BR0-Acrylics/Ink on paper 65x90cm 2023
SKU: 700.954.29
Jazz-Acrylics on canvas-80x100cm 2009
SKU: 700.954.29
Jazz, the music of the night,
With a rhythm so smooth and so right.
Born in the heart of New Orleans,
Where the beat of the drums and the horns do dance.

It tells a story, so full of soul,
With each note, a tale, to unfold.
From the soft and sweet, to the fast and loud,
Jazz takes us on a journey, so free and proud.

It's the sound of the city, with its beat so strong,
Bringing together, the young and the old.
With each improvisation, it never gets old,
Jazz will always be, a story untold.

So let us listen, to the rhythm so fine,
And bask in the beauty, of this musical wine.

#0048 African Village. Acrylics on canvas board. 2007
SKU: 700.954.29
Amidst the lush and vibrant land,
Where the sun and rain both lend a hand,
Stands a tropical village by the shore,
Where palm trees sway and seagulls soar.
The village is alive with color and sound,
As people dance and music abounds,
Their voices rich with a rhythmic tone,
As they celebrate life with a joy all their own.
The scent of spices fills the air,
As they prepare their meals with care,
Fresh fish and fruit from the sea,
And cassava and plantains from the trees.
Children splash and play in the warm sea,
While elders rest in the shade of a tree,
The women weave baskets and mats,
And the men fish and farm with their hats.
In this tropical African village so alive,
The people's spirit will always thrive,
With their close-knit community and love so true,
The beauty of life is always in view.

#0049 Free Yourself From Metal Slavery
Acrylics on canvas 50x 65cm 2013
SKU: 700.954.29
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# 0047 Breaking a vicious circle, Acrylics on canvas 50x50cm 2022
SKU: 700.954.29
Breaking a vicious circle, a challenge so grand,
Where the patterns repeat, and the pain takes a stand.
It's a quest for a change, for a life that is new,
And the strength to break free, from the cycle that's true.

It's a step into the unknown, where the future is bright,
And the courage to face it, with a heart full of light.
It's a break from the past, where the shadows are gone,
And the peace that comes after, is a peace that shines on.

It's a battle against fear, and the demons within,
Where the courage to change, is the courage to win.
It's a journey of growth, where the spirit soars high,
And the path to liberation, is the path that we try.

So let us break this cycle, with a spirit so bold,
And the courage to face it, with a heart that is whole.

#0050 African Village. Acrylics on canvas board 50x60cm 2022
SKU: 700.954.29
When we first checked out our new headphones, we noticed the box said “improved bass”. We had to wonder if this was marketing jargon or the real thing? But it only took a moment to realize that bass was not kidding.
Weekend village market. oil on canvas 1996 80x60cm #00033. $6500
The Friday market is located at the border of my village Ikot Ekong and Ikot Obio Ekpong in the south eastern part of Nigeria.it bordered on one side with the St. Patrict village primary school. We would come down from the football field to look for relatives that would buy us tasty groundnuts and other rural delicacies
This work was among my works featured in my first exhibition in 1996.
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City Lines - 60x90cm acrylics on canvas 2019-$2400
City lines- 60x90cm acrylics on canvas
One of the works I do with utmost pleasure as I try to invent new rules.
Currently in Kazakhstan - 5 days required for the Ministry of culture clearance. delivery after purchase could 2-3 weeks by FedEX other couriers.
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#0052 Costa Brava -Spain 2013, watercolor 30x40cm $1200
I did this work during my trip abroad while working as an English tutor to an Oligarch. I would spend my free hours painting in all the cities I would visit in Europe.
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# 0045 African women farmers
Acrylics on canvas board 50x60cm. 2014
African women farmers, strong and bold,
Their hands tending fields, with stories untold.
Their sweat and toil, a daily grind,
A labor of love, for all mankind.
In the fields, they plant their seeds,
Hoping for a bountiful yield indeed.
They tend to their crops, with tender care,
And harvest their crops, with pride to share.
Their faces, weathered by the sun,
A sign of work, that's never done.
Their spirits, unbroken by the strain,
For their families, they bear the pain.
African women farmers, a backbone of the land,
Their perseverance, a testament so grand.
Their determination, a beacon of hope,
For a better future, they firmly scope.
In the fields, they sow their dreams,
And reap the fruits, that their labor beams.
African women farmers, so brave and true,
We honor your work, and appreciate you.

My grandma's yard
Oil on canvass, 30x40cm #00046
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In my grandma's African yard,
Nature's beauty, it stands guard.
The trees and flowers, they bloom and grow,
A true paradise, for all to know.
The grass so green, and soft to touch,
A playground for kids, that's not too much.
The sun beats down, hot and bright,
Yet, the shade of trees, a cool respite.
The birds chirp and sing their song,
Their melodies, all day long.
And in the evening, the crickets hum,
A lullaby, before we're done.
In my grandma's African yard,
A place of peace, where life's not hard.
A haven of love, and family ties,
Where memories are made, beneath the skies.
Lenin Palace -Almaty. watercolor-2001 #00074
Experiment , oil on canvas 70x35cm 1999- $2400 #00076
In the name of art, we experiment,
Our brushes and pens, our instruments.
We mix and blend, we splash and pour,
Creating beauty, forevermore.
We try new things, and take a chance,
Our creativity, it takes a dance.
Colors and shapes, we play around,
Our imaginations, they know no bound.
With each stroke, we express our souls,
Our art, a reflection of our goals.
We dare to be different, and break the mold,
In the name of art, we are bold.
Our canvas, a playground of sorts,
A place where we can freely distort.
With our art experiments, we discover anew,
A world of beauty, pure and true.

Farm road , oil on canvas 100x120cm #00077 1999

An African farm road, winding and long,
Stretching ahead, a path to belong.
The fields on either side, lush and green,
A sight so serene, like never seen.
The soil underfoot, soft and clay,
The journey ahead, a peaceful getaway.
The sun beats down, hot and bright,
Yet, the beauty around, a true delight.
The air is filled with the scent of earth,
A reminder of nature's worth.
The rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds,
A melody so sweet, without any words.
An African farm road, a journey to explore,
An adventure to savour, forevermore.
A place where life is slow and sweet,
Where nature and man, in harmony meet.

Uncle's Yards
oil on canvas 90x65cm #00079
In Africa, my uncle's courtyard lies,
Underneath the vast, open skies.
Amidst the heat and vibrant hue,
It holds a charm that's all too true.
Its red soil and towering trees,
Offer a respite from the African breeze.
And in the evenings, the sun sets low,
Casting a warm, orange glow.
The courtyard is a haven,
For all who visit, its aura's captivating.
A place to rest and gather round,
Where love and laughter abound.
In Africa, my uncle's courtyard stands,
A gem within those vast lands.
A space to gather, love, and thrive,
A cherished place, to keep alive.

# 0044-Small Family- Acrylics on canvas board. 25x30cm 2013
SKU: 700.954.29
A family of three,
Small but complete.
Their love binds them tight,
Their bond ever so sweet.
Parents and child,
Together they roam.
In their little world,
They call it their home.
No matter how big or small,
Their family's all they need.
For with love and happiness,
Their hearts are sure to feed.

Yellow rectangle,
oil on canvas #00080
40x50cm 2003 $4500

A yellow rectangle,
Oh so bright and bold.
Its corners sharp and true,
Its shape a sight to behold.
With sides so even,
And angles precise.
A perfect shape it seems,
Without any compromise.
A yellow rectangle,
It stands out in a crowd.
A symbol of strength and order,
With a beauty that's proud.

#0051 The Wheel Acrylics on canvas
SKU: 700.954.29
When we first checked out our new headphones, we noticed the box said “improved bass”. We had to wonder if this was marketing jargon or the real thing? But it only took a moment to realize that bass was not kidding.
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